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Whether it’s a one-off donation, or a regular one, no donation is too small to make a difference. We can only continue this important work with your help.

Your donation could make a huge difference 

  • £5.50 could help us purchase coir mats which we use to deploy seagrass seeds onto the sea bed
  • £20 could help us install our innovative Advanced Mooring System to protect vital seagrass habitats
  • £36 could provide materials to prepare our all-important seagrass nutrient balls
  • £50 could help us install marker buoys to protect existing seagrass meadows and allow them to regenerate
  • £1,850 could help us deliver a seagrass monitoring dive with a team of 8 for one day including boat use, equipment and air refills
  • £3,000 could help us protect 1 hectare of seagrass, that’s equivalent to a whole football pitch!

Your donations allow us to continue our important work protecting and restoring vital Ocean habitats. We  design, deliver and monitor, active, in situ, Ocean restoration projects, reversing habitat damage and supporting habitats to recover, with a particular focus on seagrass. We also work with communities, empowering them to be part of the solution and help to protect their local habitat for future generations.


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