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Torbay Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ) was designated in 2013 with a further 2 features added in 2019. The MCZ is an inshore site that covers 20 km2 of coast between Oddicombe Beach and Sharkham Point. The high level of biodiversity has led to Torbay being described as “the jewel in South Devon’s crown”. The rich sands and reefs found close to the shore hold dense populations of clams, sponges, sea squirts and seaweeds as well as a large number of Cuttlefish that rely upon the seagrasses found in the Bay. These seagrass meadows also provide habitat for nationally rare seahorse.

The Blue Meadows programme have been working in conjunction with Torbay Harbour Authority and Wild Planet Trust to delineate the fragile seagrass meadows in the Bay to water users and install Advanced Mooring Systems for boaters to enjoy the beauty of the marine environment without causing harm.


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Working with local communities and stakeholders, we hope to work in more locations protecting and restoring vital seagrass meadows. Get in touch to help us protect a meadow near you.

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